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Running cost report

So How Much Is It Going To Cost To Run Your Business

This is where everything comes together. The brains of the business if you will. One of the most important factors to running a successful business is how much money is going out, and how much is coming back in. We don’t pretend to know your product, so it’s pretty hard for us to forecast what will come in, but what we can do is make sure you know where every penny is going and the rates you should be paying.


Once you have selected the property you’re interested in we will include this in your running cost report. We will calculate cost based on your chosen industry, marketing strategy and utilities. We do this by using the information you provide during your business brief. We will then locate who currently supplies the utilities for your chosen property. We then cross-reference industry data based on your business to calculate usages and cost. These usages have been calculated using years of industries data, so they’re pretty close. However as many times as we’ve got the figures exactly right you should only ever use the running cost report as an average at this stage.


As you will see below, some areas of running your business take up larger amounts of your cashflow than others. These are the areas where we have worked the hardest to be able to offer our clients huge reductions and special offers that make life a lot easier.


Energy Cost


Telecoms & Broadband Cost


Business Insurance Cost


Property Rent Cost


Marketing Cost

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